Welcome Charlotte and Christian to Areff!


Areff has hired two new persons, Charlotte Jolin and Christian Kuhr.

areff_charlie_sv_3210Charlotte lives in Ronneby and will work in Market at Areff. She has a degree from Hyper Island in Digital Media and has worked with marketing and sales in a number of different companies. In her spare time, she do boxing and love all the creative aspects of life, including her organic garden.

What happened when you got the job on Areff?
– I was tipped off by a friend about the job. I liked the the profile Areff was looking for, so then I applied for the job.

What are your expectations for Areff?
– New Challenges with a great team.

What are your first impressions?
– Nice atmosphere and welcoming, and a very exciting industry. Innovation!

What will be your role?
– Marketing Assistant. The role includes graphic design, produce original, sales support and identify new business opportunities.

areff_kristian_sv_3198Christian lives in Karlskrona and will work with technology at Areff. Christian is a trained engineer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a focus on IT security (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with emphasis on Security Engineering) .In his spare time he likes to work out at the gym, hanging out with friends and visit Karlskrona’s nice cafes hanging out with friends.

What happened when you got the job on Areff?
– I have long had a keen interest in RFID technology and when I suddenly saw an available service with technical specialization in the field, I appled for the job. I was called to several interviews and finally offered the position – then I could do nothing else but to say Yes!

What are your expectations for Areff?
– I hope and believe that I will grow in the industry, both technically and personally, with the support of Areff.

What are your first impressions?
– My first days have been speedy and I have already had to bite firmly into the various challenges – Fun!

What are your duties?
– I will be part of the Technology Group and contribute with technical expertise in both internal and external projects as well as internal IT.

A warm welcome to Areff Charlotte and Christian and good luck!

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