Easy and secure

The CISS Plug-n-Play offers the installers an easy time setting up due to the lack of external software and online support during the whole process.
The end-user is then able to use any internet-connected workstation since all the administrative work on CISS is done by a userfriendly web interface. Operating the web interface is encrypted with SSL – a secure technology that many banks use today.
Without compromising the functionality or security CISS offers one of the markets most trusted system for access control with integrated alarm and conditional actions in one product.
CISS provides all the functions of a security system that you normally only find in an “Enterprise system”. All the configuration is easily maintained and supervised. The flexibility of the system makes all the functions of the system userfriendly for the end-user i.e the people that work and move around inside of a building that is monitored.

This is how it works

Integrated functions – Powerful access functions, anti-burglary functions and conditional actions. All of the functions are well integrated.

Flexible structure – CISS Central unit handles up to 45 in and out-modules making it possible to connect 90 different card readers.

Seamless integration – In CISS the maintain and handle of Access control, alarm and burglary-management is not separated as different actions but instead managed by the same software.

No troublesome licensing models  – No need for different kinds of licenses for different versions, everything is available from the start, you can configure the system and user as you please without any cost.

Reference project – The CISS solution is already in use today in many high-end security installations. High user-friendliness, flexibility and the ability to meet the demand of high-end security is the leading factors that the system already have been installed in many secured sites with banks, government agencies, privately-owned production and insurance-companies as well as other highly prioritized sites.

Software is not needed – The configuration is done by the powerful and integrated web-interface. The software CISS Management is preinstalled in the CISS Central unit. This allows you to manage the system from a mobile device.

Range of readers – All types of identification readers can be connected to the system, giving the user the option to choose freely what kind of technique or level of security they want. Choose between readers as simple RFID, High-security RFID, PIN, biometric or why not open the door with your smartphone?

Security in its class – Encryption all the way through, all communication is encrypted making is possible to configure the system to meet the Alarmclass 3/4-requirements.

Capacity in its class – The system can simultaneously manage 45/213* DSS-units, 360/1704* physical inputs and 360/1704* outputs. In theory, the system is capable of maintaining 100 000 simultaneous users. Only the hardware capacity in the form of processors and memory limits it.
*provides the number of sites with line multiplexer.


The system consists of a CISS central unit under which can be connected 15 different nodes (DSSs) of each of the three integrated buses (RS485) A, B and C. In total, up to 45 nodes are DSSs. In order to connect more DSSs, a line multiplexer can be used (DSS-MUX) can be used. This allows the system to handle up to 213 DSSs. In a smaller system, the more compact CISS DUO central unit can be used for which 10 DSSs can be connected.

The following devices can be connected to the CISS / CISS DUO central unit.

  • DSS-Door2 (2 Card Reader Wiegand, OSDPv.1 or v.2 4 Outputs (2 relays, 2 OCs), 6 Inputs)
  • DSS-IO28 (2 inputs, 8 outputs (4 relays, 4 oC))
  • DSS-IO82 (8 Inputs – LSI, 2 Outputs (2 OC))
  • DSS-TOUCH (Touchscreen Touch Panel and RFID Reader)
  • DSS-MUX (Extends Line With 15 New DSS Address Units)

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