Secured identification – Verify the authenticity and confirm the presence

We create trustworthy identities making it easy to identify with a cellphone. For this solution, we have decided to base it on HID Trusted Tag ® which is a cloud-based service for verifying the authenticity of a product or confirm the presence of a person.

Trusted Tag® is based on Near Field Communication tag technology (NFC tags) and a cloud-based authentication platform that ensures the authenticity of the tag. That way, the tag’s URL cannot be copied, making each reading unique and verifying its authenticity. This provides secure identification that is not possible with other standard NFC labels, static tags or QR codes.

Trusted Tag®’s advantages can be used for the following:

Verify the authenticity of a marked product and give an improved consumer experience.

Verify the presence of a person at a specific location. This may be used to track a caretaker in patients home, check-in at different locations on a guard round or when registration is needed for the maintenance on a machine.

Prevent or discover the sharing of websites in a digital marketing campaign.

This is how trusted tag works

  1. During the production process, the tag is programmed with a customer-specific website (Unique URL). This is the future website that the customer will get sent to when reading the tag.
  2. Each time a user reads the tags URL with his/her cellphone or mobile device, a unique and encrypted code is generated.
  3. The Internet browser on the user cellphone opens the website.
  4. The website reads the cryptographical parameters from the URL and sends them to the cloud-based authentification services.
  5. The code is verified and the service replies if it is a legitimate or false reading.
  6. Based on this information the website can show the user if the read from the tag is authentic or not and if false block the read.
  7. The application creates the possibility for direct communication with the user, which can be extremely useful if the user already is a customer or have the potential to become one.

Additional advantages

There is no need for additional readers or equipment, the solution is usable for everyone with a modern cellphone (Smartphone).

These tags exist in a surplus of variations and shapes which can be attached or built-in almost every kind of product.

In the application, you can easily gather transaction data to analyze the behaviour of the consumer.

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