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High up on a wind turbine, a bridge pillar or a cell tower there is no room for error. Consequently, very high demands are placed on the safety equipment. It must be reliable, work as intended and be inspected.

Cresto Group is a leader in the Nordic region in high altitude security and manufactures safety harnesses, safety ropes and rescue equipment. When the company sought a simple and reliable system to streamline the security labeling and inspection of their products, they turned to Areff.

Great reliability, low rejection rate

”The law requires that each individual product has a unique serial number so that it can be identified to monitor its history and ensure that it undergoes the prescribed annual checks,” says Jonny Magnusson, Product Manager at Cresto Group. “Areff’s solution means that we sew in or in another way, attach an electronic tag to the equipment. With a reader you can then read the tag and the product information is found in a special on-line database.”

The system has a number of advantages. Among other things, the risk of typing errors is completely eliminated.

”When everything was handled with pen and paper, there was always a risk of someone typing the wrong information in the documents, or the labeling was worn out and difficult to read,” Jonny explains. “In both cases this meant that the identity of the product became uncertain and then it could no longer be used. But with electronic RFID tags, an id number is never wrong and the tags are always readable, which means greater reliability and much lower rejection rates on products.”

“The service and delivery precision from Areff leave nothing else to be desired.
In short, everything just works.”

Jonny Magnusson, product manager Cresto Group

When everything just works

Another important part of Cresto’s requirements specification was user-friendliness, Jonny continues: “When we started looking at various technical solutions, we soon realized that it was a jungle. But with the help from Areff we were able to come up with a solution that is easy to use and reliable. No expert knowledge is required to operate the equipment, which both we and our customers appreciate”, he notes.

A special inspection kit with, among other things, readers and replacement tags also makes it easy to work with control inspections in the field. The replacement tags are used to replace damaged tags and to label products that for some reason are not labeled. “In this way, the products become easier to inspect and we get more products that comply with the legal requirements,” Jonny notes.

A somewhat unexpected result of the digitization and the improved traceability is that more of the stolen safety equipment find back to its owners.

The system has been up and running since 2014 and there have been no problems to speak of. “The service and delivery precision from Areff leave nothing else to be desired”, says Jonny Magnusson: “In short, everything just works.”

About Cresto Group 

Cresto Group, with its headquarters in Halmstad and around thirty employees in Sweden and Norway, develops, manufactures and sells personal fall protection equipment, rescue equipment and related services such as training, installations and annual inspection.

The company offers a wide range of fall protection and rescue solutions for work at height. The ambition is for users to feel safe and competent even in environments characterized by challenges and risks. The products are robust and developed for harsh environments. Customers are found all over the world and in all types of industries, such as construction, industry, energy and telecom.


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