FIDO2 makes logging in easier and secure

Do you want to log in to your computer in a simple and secure way without having to remember passwords? Then the FIDO2 solution is for you! With FIDO2, you don’t have to worry about someone unauthorized getting into your computer. Instead, you use a highly secure physical device that has a private and a public key. The private key never leaves the device, making it difficult for anyone else to gain access to the computer without permission.

That’s why you should use FIDO2

FIDO2 eliminates the worry of complicated passwords and insecure logins. Microsoft Entra ID (Azure) is already ready for FIDO2 logins, which means you don’t need to invest in extra certificates, licenses or applications. The benefits of FIDO2 are particularly significant for larger organizations looking to strengthen authentication and security. By replacing passwords with cryptography based on a public key, FIDO2 simplifies the management of access, improves the user experience and reduces the risk of security breaches related to weak or compromised passwords.

How we can help you

Our FIDO cards are equipped with customizable access control technology that we can program according to your needs. With our system, you don’t have to manage multiple cards or user data, because our card works both as an access card to open doors and as a login credential for computers. This enables smooth and easy navigation between different security protocols without having to change cards or use multiple systems.

Questions and answers

Go to this page where Microsoft lists which browser and operating system combinations support passwordless authentication using FIDO2 authentication keys with Azure Active Directory.