Total solution for Biometric

Sometimes the need to raise the level of your security in sections or as a whole occurs. That thought is often stopped there, as a wish, since it easily gets to technology-wise complicated or expensive. But with AreffBio it is easy to heighten the security of an already existing access system by adding a biometric control to the procedure. The solution is easy and cost-effective.
The advantage of a biometric security system is that biometric information can not be revealed, shared or copied in comparison to a card or pin-code. But a change of technology often means that the whole preexisting system needs to be replaced, which often become very expensive. With our solution, AreffBio, preexisting system can be upgraded and adjusted to work with biometrics. With AreffBio you elevate the security on the already installed security system by complementing with a biometric factor. The system is adaptable and can be installed on any or just one door, there is no requirement to mount it on every access point.
Another advantage of AreffBio is that the necessary information in the encrypted memory is only stored on the users’ card. When the authentification begins, the reader at the door starts to match the encrypted biometric information on the card against the real fingerprint on the reader. The lack of central memory storage means that the system does not only have better protection with its integrity since only the user decides if and when the card can be used, but also that since the matching is done locally and not against a huge database means that the system is faster and more trustworthy.

AreffBio Management

AreffBio Management includes both the hard- and software, together with the biometric desktop reader, BioMini, as well as the RFID Omnikey 5022-reader used for activating RFID cards/key fobs with biometric information. The biometric reader that is used for CISS-systems or another type of access and security system is BioEntryPlus, BioMini and BioEntryW2.