BLE beacons – Tracking indoors in real-time

BEEKs ™ Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) – Beacons are the most advanced beacons in the market. The system is easy to install and integrate.

BEEKs is completely compatible with both Apple Ibeacon and Google Eddystone, making them usable for every kind of standard application for location-based information services.

BEEKs is also usable for detecting and in real-time record sensor data as in movement, temperature, light, vibrations and magnetic fields.

In combination with Bluzone end-to-end IoT-ecosystem (Internet of Things9 that include BluFi ™ BLE to WI-FI-gateway and Bluzone-services, BEEKS is managed through the cloud.

This is how BEEKS with Bluzone works

The implementation of this network is amazingly easy. The only thing you need to do is to power on one or several WI-FI-gateways and the system is up and running. By placing every WI-FI-gateway on a blueprint of the premises via the application in Bluzone can every beacon generate their GPS-coordinates that is easily interpreted by all standard applications by geographic data.

The Bluzone-cloud gives the user the possibility to act, and pedagogically, present a large number of sensor data to fast get an overview and basis to make the correct decision for the monitored products and processes.

Bluzone enables a layered beacon-implement, even on a global level. The combination of sensor beacons BluFi™ and Bluzone-platform makes it possible to manage and monitor large networks of BEEKS beacons. Bluzone is available via API, giving you the option to integrate your solutions to the system.

Other advantages

  • BEEKs is Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE) 4.1 compatible.
  • BEEKs supports iBeacon (Apple), Eddystone (Google) and sBeacon protocol simultaneously.
  • There exists a large amount of different BEEKs beacons with sensors.
  • BEEKs has a battery life of 5 years.
  • The precision in the system is very high, tracking down to 1 meter/3 f.
  • We have complete kits that are easy to install for your own testing.

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