Having your cake and eat it too

In half of a century, SafeTeam has grown from being a small company with just two employees to one of Sweden’s biggest security installer company with over 180 people working for them. One of the contributing factors to the success of the company, already from the start in 1968, is the ability to offer outstanding service for their customers.

This has been achieved by an continuous focus on quality for all products and system solutions, in every way. The company is constantly maintaining a process of quality-enhancing, making sure that focus stay on improvement, security and effectiveness and through that being able to give the best and most sustainable solution for the customer.

Of course, the high level of ambition also places correspondingly high demands on their suppliers.

Quality in every way

”We provide a wide range of security solutions”, says Victor Muszynski, head of purchasing at SafeTeam. “It can be everything from locks, anti-theft protection, alarms, CSV-cameras, access control systems and fire protection. The customers and needs are constantly shifting, but we mostly work towards property managers, industries, offices, stores and public sections.”

“We see no reason whatsoever to change or let any other supplier in. Areff has a service level and delivery precision which is great, just outstanding.”
Victor Muszynski, Head of Purchasing at SafeTeam

An important and rapidly growing business is Access Control

”We install a large number of access control systems each year and following this is the purchasing of around 35 000 key fobs, access control cards, tags and more. When we decided to review our suppliers we came into contact with Areff Systems, and already from the first meeting we got a good feeling and in due time a good offer as well”, says Victor.

A deal was struck and since 2017 Areff Systems is the sole supplier of products regarding SafeTeam´s access control accessories. ”We see no reason whatsoever to change or let any other supplier in. Areff has a service level and delivery precision which is great, just outstanding.” Victor concludes.

Professional and creative solutions

The trust and confidence have only grown over time. ”Agreed delivery times, custom-made orders, meetings, I would say everything is handled with a incredible professionalism. If I look for someone at Areff Systems and request to be called back to, then that person will call back to me. Or if I want feedback on a question or matter, I get that feedback, every time.”, says Victor.

Today the collaboration has evolved into including certain customer projects. ”In those cases, Areff often acts as a ball board and can come up with creative solutions”, says Victor. ”Our confidence in Areff is grounded, which means that we have full confidence in Areff and our cooperation in all matters we discuss. We know that what is said between us, stays between us.”

A better relation to a supplier is hard to find, according to Victor: ”To work with Areff Systems is like having your cake and eat it too.”

About SafeTeam

SafeTeam delivers a sustainable, customer-specific, security solution to apartment buildings, companies and public buildings. The company offers a complete package from security inventory and projecting to installation, education, service and maintenance.

Operations are concentrated in the country´s three largest city-regions – Stockholm – Gothenburg and Malmö – as well as Bohuslän, Dalsland and Fyrbodal. In addition, SafeTeam has about ten locksmiths that offer locks, key manufacturing and other security related products.


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