We deliver an easy and secure solution for log-in on your workstation

The User is given a personal smartcard, based on Microsoft Windows Server-solution. The user then chooses his/her PIN-code and by a reader connected to the PC, the user can easily and securely log-in to their computer.

The advantages of this solution are that the security gets higher with the help of high-end encryption on the cards as well as that the user gets a two-way authentification (personal card and PIN-code) Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA. The solution is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server, making it possible to easily implement in existing IT-environment. The identification is bound to the personal rights of the user in the system. Usually, the card is activated for log-in to the system and to sign e-mails.

We deliver the cards in covering letter, the cards are prepared in advance by us and ready to be bound to personnel directly. The user decides the PIN-code on his/her own. Our cards are also equipped with an access control-chip (MIFARE Classic®), making it easy to use them in many access points, followMe-solutions for printers and more.

The Adminkeys for the cards is delivered with an easy and secure key ceremony.

We deliver also different kinds of readers for every workstation. We recommend foremost out table-version Omnikey 3121. For the people that are on the move and work from a variety of locations, we recommend that you complement with the light-version Omnikey 3021.

Order finished cards and readers, or buy our kit that is made up of one reader and one card.

We also offer the possibility to get personalized ID-cards based on AREFFS PC smart card. Contact us and we will help you design a company-card for both physical and virtual PC log-in

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