What is Serix ID?

Serix ID offers a secure, flexible, and portable method for identifying both individuals and products. For instance, Serix ID can be applied to ensure online identity verification in various situations, such as during security monitoring in a building, during exams to verify authorization, or for household services provided by craftsmen, cleaning companies, or caregivers in a home environment.

It is often crucial to verify a person’s level of education to gain access to different types of spaces or work vehicles. Serix ID enables attendance to be checked and recorded at various times and in various situations in a smooth and cost-effective manner./p>

Serix ID can also be useful for verifying the authenticity of a product or for identifying a specific maintenance point, such as in a factory, at an airport, or in a nuclear power plant. By scanning, the user receives exact instructions for effectively performing maintenance tasks at the control point.


Serix ID is useful in a wide range of situations where secure identification of people or products is necessary. Here are some examples of application areas that can be directly integrated via our Serix platform:

  1. Identity verification during security patrols.
  2. Access control at guard posts and security checkpoints.
  3. Attendance verification during examinations.
  4. Personnel identification, such as for household services.

Additionally, Serix ID can be integrated with other systems to:

  1. Link the appropriate education level to various functions, such as starting vehicles like forklifts or similar.
  2. Verify the authenticity of products.
  3. Act as a checkpoint during the maintenance of machines or products.
  4. Ensure the inventory of products.
  5. Manage product rentals.
  6. Create geolocations for indoor use.
How it works:
  1. The Serix ID tag, which can be a card, key fob, or another type of tag, is scanned with a smartphone.
  2. The information read is sent via the internet to Secure Verification Service (SVS).
  3. SVS verifies the authenticity of the Serix ID tag.
  4. The Graphical Design Services (GDS) function integrates identity information (status, design, images, name, etc.) from the user platform (Serix IAM) and presents it visually.
  5. The result is displayed on the smartphone.