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From time to time we from the industry are invited to be a part of the learnings in school.  Areff has a long-term relationship with the Digital Communication School Hyper Island. Our role is to be a part of the student’s development and as expert panel jury we listen to them presenting their learning journey. Often presentations are passionated performed and with a clear focus on how, why and what, methods and tools for communication and team and -leadership development and always the client best interest in mind, they deliver digital solutions, strategies 3D-artwork among other brilliant stuff nicely packaged to their client. There is no books or teachers at Hyper Island, there is real client based project and briefs and Hyper Island staff.

The school have focus on creating teams that really works, they use different methods and tools to get high performing teams. They use Susan Wheelan’s literature among other great litterature and methods like I-message, feedback sessions, Maslow’s stairs and Johari Window as well as brainstorming and workshops.

And every time we attend the assessments we contribute with competence and experience, and every time we are impressed with the insightful and creative ideas the students deliver over and over again.

So why do we do this you may wonder

We believe in close contact with schools and university’s , they can be our next employee or colleague and we show what is required to get an employment. As well as we listen to students and what they want out of their future business or employment.

Hyper Island has six principles that unites, defines and guides the experience and we are impressed with this.

Life Long learning

At Hyper Island learning isn’t contained in a classroom or a course. Learning is a way of life: being constantly engaged, passionate, trusting and curious about the changing world, and learning by doing.

Seize your potential

Hyper Island empowers passionate participation by challenging people to set ambitious goals and giving them authority over their own learning, and power to realize their own potential.

Real World Ready

We collaborate with thought leaders and experts to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation drives disruption. We may not be able predict the future, but we can support individuals and companies to be ready when it comes.

Team is Everything

Collaboration, inclusion and transparency are crucial to growth. Through constant feedback and deep reflection, individuals gain deeper self-awareness, enabling them to become more effective team members and leaders.

Lead the Change

We are active participants in the great tides of transformative technology. Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace change, adapt swiftly to new paradigms and lead by action. We seek to inspire, equip, and support these new leaders.

Change the World

We haven’t met a status quo we didn’t challenge. Together we can change the world by igniting a passion for lifelong learning.

The learning experience


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