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This is Webbdagarna

Webbdagarna is Sweden’s leading event and venue for everything digital and business oriented. Hosted by Internetworld (a part of IDG Sweden), it is an independent event with a unique editorial integrity that has made it a must-attend event for marketers, entrepreneurs, communicators, e-commerce managers, social media managers and many other professionals within the digital arena.

As a participant, you get an overview of the digital trends that are changing the business world right now – plus tools and tips on how you can benefit from the digital opportunities in your particular profession. The areas we cover include digital & content marketing, e-commerce, mobile, entrepreneurship, SEO, conversion rate optimization, social media, digital communication and web design.

We where there!

We sent our marketer Charlie to Webbdagarna to listen and really grasp the essence of tomorrows digital trends and future. And she like to share some of her thoughts and findings from those two days and of course link to some the presentation that is uploaded to YouTube.

During Webbdagarna there where a lot of great keynote speakers and I like to share some of them because I found them interesting in different ways and I am  going to implement some of the tips in my everyday work and future strategies. There is a lot of useful tips for example e-mail marketing strategies with Nancy Harhut and how to really use videos as a part of the communications strategy keynotespeaker Phil Nottingham and Oli Gardner Data driven Design . I guess you will see some of the tips implemented in our newsletters ahead

Particularly interesting where the presentation that concerned the upcoming law GDPR. Right now it is one of our priorities  to get ready for GDPR 2018.

“Every company working within the EU has to comply with the new EU Data Protection Directive by spring 2018, if not companies can face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of their global annual turnover. Qoute from www.sas.com

And if we should put our trust to media the GDPR implementation is going to be a lucrative business for many companies and we will see a lot of start-ups around the subject. Presentation is not uploaded to Youtube for you to see so we share the link to the official website where you can read all about GDPR.

Read about GDPR
List  of keynote speakers , enjoy the presentations and hope you find some tips that is useful for you.

Debbie Wasskow -5 tips on how to scale up your digital disruption.


Nancy Harhut: Hardwired behaviors – email marketing’s next big opportunity


Oli Gardner: Data-Driven Design


Els Aerts, Online success is to know what makes your customers tick


Steve Hatch, Facebook: From Meh to Magic


Jocelyn K Glei: How to be productive in a meaningful way in a world of distraction


Ross Simmonds: Content chaos – building your brand through constant experiment


Phil Nottingham: Preparing for a video-based future

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