AreffBio -How does it works?

We constatly get warnings of carelessness with the handling of personal data, passwords, and login information. In biometric solutions, there is also a risk that hackers can access your fingerprint or other biometric data and use them for the wrong purposes.

When using AreffBio, your fingerprint is not stored in a system or in a database, but directly on the card. This means that the user has control over the storage location of its fingerprint. This does not only provide a foundation for a secure access control system, but also integrity for the user – the biometric signature is only used where it is supposed to be used. The lack of central data storage also means that the matching of the biometric signature takes place directly at the reader, making the system both quick and reliable.

We call this Clever ID Management


Connecting AreffBio

An AreffBio access reader is connected to an existing access control system to increase the security for the acces of one or more doors. The AreffBio access control reader is connected to a node in your existing system (see sketch below).


Aktivate fingerprint on card /keyfob

To enter a specific passage, the user identifies himself with his card / key fob. When the card is read, both the user ID and the user’s biometric signature is loaded into the reader. Next, the user’s actual fingerprint is read via the biometric lens. Now, the reader automatically compares the user’s actual fingerprint against the biometric signature that is loaded from the user’s card / key fob. If there is a match, the reader sends the user’s ID on to the node. If the node approves the ID, the door is opened.


Enable fingerprints on the card / key fobs.

To activate a card with fingerprints do the following:

  • Place the card on the programmer Omnikey 5022
  • Register the fingerprint on the fingerprint reader BioMini.
  • The card is programmed with a signature of the fingerprint
  • All biometric data is deletd from the management SW.

The card is now activated and ready to use

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