Kristofer Rietz

Welcome Kristofer!Areff Systems Ronneby Kristofer Reitz


Areff has a new employee in the production team named Kristofer Rietz. Kristofer is a technically competent all-rounder with great interest in IT and are of course passionate about his family´s forestry.

Who is Kristofer ?
I live in Karlshamn with my family wife and two cats. In the spare time I like paintball, silviculture and some 3D-printing. A 3D printer is an awsome way to develop and create own ideas, which I think is fun. My former colleagues and collaborators describe me as a problem solver, technically competent and calm, which I hope to continue to be on Areff.

How was it when you got the job on Areff?
I knew Areff from previous jobs and has followed their journey for almost 10 years. When I saw there was an opening at the company I just had to go for it. After a number of meetings and interviews, I got the job. Awsome

What are your expectations for Areff?
I believe and hope that I with Areff can broaden my horizons, both as a team member and private. I look forward to test my ideas and work with this type of products.

What are your mission?
I work in the production team with personalization, programming, and eventually it will probably also be a lot of development of the machinery and processes in production.

We wish Kristofer warm welcome to Areff and good luck!


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