Qendrim Luma -New team member at Areff Systems AB

Welcome Qendrim!Qendrim Luma Areff Systems AB

Areff has hired a new employee for the production team called Qendrim Luma. Qendrim is ambitious and full of willingness to learn new things, where work with personalization of different products fits well.

Who is Qendrim?
My name is Qendrim and I live in Ronneby together with my family  my parents, two brothers and a sister who do not live at home. It’s the family I’m spending my most time with. I’ve always had a lot of interest in IT. I have always wanted to learn more about IT and how it can simplify our lives.

How did it work when you got the job at Areff?
When I graduated, I was very unsure what I wanted to work with. I have usually been described as an open minded and easy-to-read person, so when I heard about Areff, I knew I wanted to learn more about RFID, but I also agreed on the development of RFID and Areff as a company. I saw a work ad from Areff Systems AB  in the production team and got a temporary employment that then developed into full employment.

What are your expectations for Areff?
I hope Areff can develop my knowledge of RFID, and then let me be part of this development.

What are your role ?
I work in production line with three colleagues where we program and personalize key fobs, cards, readers and more. And I love it.

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