School – get a safer environment for staff and students using ID cards

We have recently delivered a comprehensive ID card solution for school environments. The solution can easily be handled by the local administrative personnel to handle card production for students, employees and visitors. The solutions consist of a ID card printer, camera equipment including flashlights and tripods to support both photographing of individuals and production of the ready-to-use ID card in lanyard in just a few minutes.

The card must be carried fully visible at all times when a student is at the school premises. It provides access to buildings, computer rooms, printers and other features. “This means that only authorized persons will be present and unauthorized persons cannot enter, which reduce the risk of repeated thefts and damage to the school environment. The system is also used to control who is allowed for school meals “, says Ronny Mattson, Principal at the high school Kunt Hahn in Ronneby.

“More schools use photo ID card systems to create a safer environment and the students think it’s positive and carry their ID cards visible”, continues Ronny Mattsson.

If you are interested in our easy to use ID card solution, please contact Areff for information and ordering.

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