Teknikrundan -A way to educate internally

How we embrace technology at Areff

Advanced technology is becoming increasingly central in the products we encounter on the market.
And it is crucial that we keep up with the progress of technology and sometimes even lead it. Our way to make sure to include, inspire  and spread interest and knowledge to Areff staff is Areff’s technology education,  -Teknikrundan.

Starting this January the Areff technology education Teknikrundan, we cover all aspects of security such as access control, RFID, biometrics, different chip, frequency, reading ranges and exciting new products and solutions. Different brands from our partners and our own products.

All the Areff staff is participating, partly because it is important to understand our products and our customers, but also because it makes the job so much more enjoyable and including. Everyone has of course their own area of ​​expertise, and to perform the best way possible, we must understand our field and continuously develop ourselves in the technology areas where Areff seems.

In order to meet the flow of new technologies and technology trends in our industry – as the tech geeks we are, at least twice a month we dig deep down in the technique around RFID and educate eachother ..so if you have any technical questions about our products or generally regarding security and or RFID, so please let us know and we will try to help you.





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