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WSP ID06 team
Claes Rydin ID06 AB ( head developer), Pia Åberg WSP Sverige AB (economic administrator), Mattias Gustafsson ( Head of Department) WSP Sverige AB, Besart Luma Areff Systems AB and Marcus Örnstedt (IT ) ID06 AB in place to enable WSP Sverige AB for the new ID06.

WSP, one of the world’s leading analysis and technology consultants, offering services for sustainable corporate development in the Housing & Industry, Transport & Infrastructure, has registered WSP Sverige AB for the new ID06.

Pia Åberg, Economic Administrator WSP Sverige AB and Mattias Gustafsson, Head of Division WSP Sverige AB, registered the company via ID06 platform and verified their identities with a special ID scanner.

Claes Rydin, Development Manager at ID06 AB, assisted and found that WSP Sverige AB is the first company that has registered with this ID scanner for the new ID06.

-“It feels very good that the new ID06 is now launching new ID06 cards that have a higher level of security that ensure the identity of the individual and the relationship between employers and employees,” says Besart Luma, ID06 administrator at Areff.

-“It feels geat  that WSP wants to be at the forefront of the new technology,” continues Besart Luma.

In the near future, we will start registering all our customers for new ID06. More information coming soon.

Contact Information Areff Systems AB:
Besart Luma tel +46 455 61 60 06

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