Areff can produce ready-made ID cards in small or large volumes, which are sent directly to each specific individual. ID cards contain various degrees of personal information, both graphically and electronically. They are used for identification of persons in their daily job, as educational certificates but also in different types of access control systems. Areff works with both physical and logical access and can deliver a solution that covers both access control and daily logon to your IT environment.

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One card - Multiple functions

Our products can be used in all kinds of contact chip and RFID-systems or access control-systems. Cards and key fobs can be tailored and programmed to work in multiple systems – A combination card or key fob. We adapt and adjust our cards and key fobs (programming of RFID, EM-prox, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire®) to work in just your systems.

Use unique and personal smart cards for physical and digital access.

Through the usage of PKI-chip cards with a certificate, a user can log into their personal computers without the need for a password, sign documents and access local and cloud-based resources.

Smart cards help the user with an alternative safety solution, an all-in-one package with PKI-certificate with RFID-technology and a visual identification process on the surface of the card.

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Approximately two out of three of all active access-systems in Sweden are based on easily cracked technology that could be replicated in one second. Two-thirds of the remaining access-systems would take a maximum of 20 minutes to break. Then we have the safe and trusted systems…

Creating a truly secure Access-point requires that the card or key fob in question is based on a trusted technology and that there is an activation claim attached to it. A high level of security is achieved by using recommended solutions, one example is… MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 that fulfil the Common Criteria certification EAL5+.

Areff has a lot of experience and deep-going knowledge regarding safe and trusted systems, especially in the field of cards, key fobs and readers. We want to help you making the correct choice for your needs.

We offer a variety of different kinds of services to ease and increase the quality of our range of cards.

We help you with the delivery directly to your customer or employees as well as the translation and interpretation of the codes to ease your administration. In the time of need, we also provide a range of graphical services to help you take forth a design for cards, letter and envelope.

Contact us and we will offer our help making sure that you get what you need.

Here at Areff, we offer the complete series of FARGO®, the world-leading manufacturer of high-end quality card printers. FARGO® is the largest and most well-known manufacturer of card printers and are known for their unrivalled quality, reliability and being user friendly-interface. There are different variations of printers for all kind of needs, volumes and area of use. Safe production – Cheap maintenance!

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