Areff has long experience of RFID in industrial applications and offers RFID tags, labels and readers that are well suited for controlling production flows, inventory management and delivery flows.

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Harsh environment

Areff has strong and rough key fobs that can handle the extreme environment. What does this mean?

An extreme environment (Harsh Environment) is often described as a place or area where its hard to live. The extreme cold of the Siberian winter, -70 ° C/ -94 F, or the pressing heat in the Sahara desert, 57 ° C/ 134,6 F, can be considered to be a harsh environment for humans. A harsh environment can also be a place where a unit is not fit to be.

For a product based on electronics, as in an RFID-key fob or a reader, a harsh work environment includes temperature from -30 ° C/-22F till 120 ° C/ 248F. Chemical interference as in saltwater, moist, gasoline, harmful gas and magnetic interference from electromagnetism all have an impact on RFID-products. The most common influence is mechanical tension, as in vibrations, chock and tension.

Every one of the aforementioned factions contributes to the environment that the product is located in. If any or more of these conditions strains the capacity of the product to its limits, then it is considered as a harsh environment.

The passive RFID-key fobs do not have a power supply. The Key fob gets all of its power from the reader when an information exchange is occurring. This is possible because the reader’s antenna via induction creates enough of an electric current to power the key fob. The antenna in passive key fobs is designed to receive incoming transmissions as well as send out one. The answer from a passive key fob is not always just an ID-number but can also be more complex, maybe information from an integrated memory.

Passive tags have a capacity of being read from 11cm/4,3 in, up to a distance of 10m/32 ft, all depending on which settings and conditions you have set up.

The requirements to reach these distances of around 10m/32 ft is that you use Key fobs and readers based on the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology.

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