Areff offers RFID products such as cards, keyboards and readers for all types of payments and secure transactions for charging posts, restaurants and various types of events.

We often participate in discussions with our customers to further develop existing services or to create new ones.

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High security

Approximately two out of three of all active access-systems in Sweden are based on easily cracked technology that could be replicated in one second. Two-thirds of the remaining access-systems would take a maximum of 20 minutes to break. Then we have the safe and trusted systems…

Creating a truly secure Access-point requires that the card or key fob in question is based on a trusted technology and that there is an activation claim attached to it. A high level of security is achieved by using recommended solutions, one example is… MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 that fulfill the Common Criteria certification EAL5+.

Areff has a lot of experience and deep-going knowledge regarding safe and trusted systems, especially in the field of cards, key fobs and readers. We want to help you make the correct choice for your needs.

Personalization of your card or key fob helps you reach a higher level of value with the products, not just through the technical specifications but with the graphical aspect for you or your customer as well. A well made personalization make the products more usable and reinforce the effect and value of the customers brand.

We customize cards and key fobs visually in colour and shape with customer-specific colour print or laser engraved logos and codes – “Your card” or “your key fob”!

The solution that we here at Areff uses is based on HID Global Trusted Tag® Services. It builds on a combination of cryptographically secured NFC-key fobs or Bluetooth- beacons that communicate via a cloud-based authentication. This creates a unique and secured identification of an object that can be read by all types of NFC-units, like Android and iOS smartphones.

The solution is perfect for example… Verifying the authenticity for a marked product and by that creating a improved experience for the customer. You can apply the solution when a caregivers presence is required in a home and that persons identity needs to be verified before access to the patient (electronic visit verification). Check-in during a patrol for a guard or other variations of maintenance

Cards with NFC (Near Field Communication) can communicate with all kinds of readers and smartphones that support NFC. The NFC-technology is based on wireless communication that operates on the frequency of 13,56 Hz, which can be applied between a card and a reader or one reader to another (Peer-to-Peer).

The word “Near Field Communication” comes from that the devices which communicate using “NFC” (Cellphones, bus card, readers etc) do not need to be connected, instead, they just need to be near each other.

A cellphone can be used to read the information stored in a so-called “NFC-tag” or “NFC-Key fob”. This information could be a command that tells the cellphone in question to activate or deactivate a nearby WIFI. A modern business card can also include NFC-technology, which means that all the personal contact information that has been stored inside of it could be transfered directly into a cellphone when hold up against it.

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