Areff offers RFID products such as cards, key tags and readers for all types of service systems such as time and attendance systems, PC login or a FollowMe solution. We customize the functionality, color and shape of the products according to the customer’s choice.

We often participate in discussions with our customers to further develop existing services or to create new ones.

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Follow Me - Secure your printing

FollowMe-printing eases the workflow by minimizing “waste printing”, protecting confidential documents and increase the user’s productivity.

Areff supplies readers, cards and key fobs to make your activation of the FollowMe functions on your printer an easy and straightforward process.

Use unique and personal smart cards for physical and digital access.

Through the usage of PKI-chip cards with a certificate, a user can log into their personal computers without the need for a password, sign documents and access local and cloud-based resources.

Smart cards help the user with an alternative safety solution, an all-in-one package with PKI-certificate with RFID-technology and a visual identification process on the surface of the card.

Order smart cards here at Areff – Quick, safe and easy!

We offer a variety of different kinds of services to ease and increase the quality of our range of cards.

We help you with the delivery directly to your customer or employees as well as the translation and interpretation of the codes to ease your administration. In a time of need, we also provide a range of graphical services to help you take forth a design for cards, letter and envelope.

Contact us and we will offer our help making sure that you get what you need.

Cards with NFC (Near Field Communication) can communicate with all kinds of readers and smartphones that support NFC. The NFC-technology is based on wireless communication that operates on the frequency of 13,56 Hz, which can be applied between a card and a reader or one reader to another (Peer-to-Peer).

The word “Near Field Communication” comes from that the devices which communicate using “NFC” (Cellphones, bus card, readers etc) do not need to be connected, instead, they just need to be near each other.

A cellphone can be used to read the information stored in a so-called “NFC-tag” or “NFC-Key fob”. This information could be a command that tells the cellphone in question to activate or deactivate a nearby WIFI. A modern business card can also include NFC-technology, which means that all the personal contact information that has been stored inside of it could be transfered directly into a cellphone when hold up against it.

The reader is the part that is visible in a identification and security system. A reader scans and reads information and data from identification-tags, biometric patterns and pin-code. This consequently means that the integrity of the whole system rely on the reader.

Areff has a variation of readers for access control-systems but also for the work environment as PC-login or FollowMe-solutions for printing.

We offer industrial readers where stable, continuous service is important and required for longer periods of time.

It is not always easy to know which brand or type of reader that is suited for your needs, in those cases we gladly offer our help and expertise in making the correct decision.

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