The ID06 card is a personal identity card that is used in a variety of industries to easily identify people in the workplace and connect each person to an employer. ID06 has several uses such as time and attendance registration, digitalization of training certificates, company control and access control functions.

Areff delivers ID06 cards to all nationalities for the Swdish market. Our experience is that fast deliveries and good support determine if the customer is satisfied. We try to get speed and good support in everything concerning Areff’s ID06 card – when you order ID06 card, when you have questions about ID06 and how we work internally within Areff with ID06.


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Easy to change to Areff as your supplier

Are you dissatisfied with your current provider of ID06-cards? Then you can quick and easy change to Areff as your supplier. You only need too log in at Areffs new ID06-portal:

We deliver your ID06-cards the same day as you confirm your order.
Give us the chance to prove that we are the best, fastest and easiest provider out there in the ID06 world.

Here at Areff you can register your company, create a personal profile with your company logo and have a different address for each order. we provide all the variants of ID06-Cards and related misc items such as Lanyards, cardholders and yoyos.

An ID06-Card contains three different kinds of technology that helps to confirm the wielders identity on various levels.

Level 1
The ID06-Cards primary identity, i.e. Primary credential, is a wireless proximity JCOP-chip that communicates on the frequency of 13,56 MHz. This part has a high level of security and contains the user’s certificate, data and an identification process based on the PKI (public key infrastructure) solution that follows the structure of PIV (personal identity verification, US government standard). This version of the structure is common in contact chip-cards that are used in payment or PC-login and is based on the ISO/IEC 7816 standard.

Level 2
The cards second identity, i.e. Secondary credential, is an emulated MIFARE® Classic chip that contains the same information that was in the old 1.5v ID06-Card. The emulation means that the JCOP-chip creates a software clone of the MIFARE® Classic chip. Communication with the second identity is carried out via 13,56 MHz, according to ISO/IEC 14443 Type-A.

Level 3
This level does not contain any form of identity, instead, it holds a unique EPC-code (Electronic product code) based on EPC UHF Gen2 Air Interface Protocol – EPC/RFID | GS1. This technology is made to be read on a further distance, around 4 -5 meters (13 feet) and is used for passage as… gates for trucks.

The previously included Em-chip (sometimes referred to as Prox) does not exist in the new ID06-Cards, therefore Areff has created a new version of one of our cardholders that has a built-in EM-function. This allows the new cards to work as the old ones did. This cardholder is available for purchase on our ID06-store.

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